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Music Lineup

Black Husky Rockhaus Stage

12:00pm - Freddy LaForce Poetry Reading
1:00pm - Funeral Mountain
2:00pm - Mortgage Freeman
3:00pm - Bluegrass All-Stars
5:00pm - MillBillies
6:30pm - ChickenWire Empire

Guitars for Vets Stage

11:00am - G4V artists
11:30am - Beer Run Kickoff
12:00pm - Bend & Break
1:00pm - Element
2:00pm - Group Therapy
3:00pm - Kharma Shotgun
4:00pm - Guilty
5:00pm - Robot Witch
6:00pm - Paulette D'Amour
7:00pm - Bellends

KRS Hair & Wax Studio / Lush Popcorn Stage

(Exact times TBA)

DJ L-Boogie
Buddy Love
Motown Music
Mighty Ms. Erica and the Sound Production
Blues and Soul
Telle Jenee
DJ Cheerio

Lakefront Brewery Stage

12:30pm - Lovanova
1:45pm - Bone Thief
3:00pm - Ladybird
4:30pm - Garden Home
5:45pm - Doubter
7:00pm - Funk Summit Bass Team

Linneman's Indoor Stage

12:00pm - Birdbrain
1:30pm - Conscious Congress
3:00pm - The Rock-A-Dials
4:30pm - Rainbow Cobra
6:00pm - Modern Joey
8:15pm - The Erotic Adventures of Static Chicken

Linneman's Outdoor Stage

11:30am - Elephonic
1:00pm - Deadelijk
3:00pm - Social Cig
4:30pm - Strangelander
6:30pm - De La Buena

Tracks Stage

12:00pm - Lake Drive
1:50pm - Scam Likely
3:30pm - Bug Moment
4:50pm - Diet Lite
                      6:50pm - Gold Steps

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