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In the early 70’s, Milwaukee planned to widen Locust street between Humboldt and Holton. In 1976 after much discussion and debate the neighbors in Riverwest let the authorities know they were against it. Miraculously, the authorities agreed and the neighborhood threw a party to celebrate. They called it the Locust Street Festival of Music and Art. We are still celebrating!


A message from the former festival organizer:


After a wonderful run of 45 years of Locust Street Festival, I am retiring.  I would like to thank the festival coordinators: 

  • Jim Linneman

  • Sally Linneman

  • Tess Riese

  • Ann Contrino

  • Linda Maslow (for the last 15 years)

I would also like to thank the following contributors: Russ and Jim Klisch of Lakefront Brewery, along with all their wonderful employees, Federal Distributing, Beer Capitol, the Drake Family, the Brain Family, Farmer, Paul Peterson, Eric Demo, Fran signey, Seth Eli, all of the Tracks fast-pitch softball teams, Dave Manriquez, Rich Wilson, Mark Cergol, Eddie Hease, Greg Golimowski, Nate Brellenthin, Danny Pikalek, Henry Cannon, Tommy Thompson, all the Beer Run runners, the MPD motorcycle officers, Lynn from Polish Falcon, Dino's, Nessum Dorma, Badgerland Striders, Hash House Harriers, the Riverwest Tavern, the Squirrel Cage, Bliffert Lumber, Gruber Law offices, Scotty and Dave Wilson, Glen Klinger and the staff at Klinger's East, the Public House, the Commons, the Golden Nugget, the Comstock load, Sammy's, Jonita's, John Zuts, Guitars for Vets, the Milwaukee Shriners, Woodland patterns, the Tai Chi Center, Ma Beansch's, Collectivo, Flint Matusek, the Drum Circle and Puppet Show, Steve & Mary's Sloppy Joes, Electricans Fred Kobeski and Mark "Snarky" Hartman. Musicians Kieth Pulvermacher, Sigmund Snopek, Paul Cebar, Chickenwire Empire; the residents of Locust street and everyone that stepped in and up this last 45 years at the THE Great Milwaukee Circus Parade.

Milwaukee's only Chicken Drop Board with Harlan "Chicken Wrangler" Drake.  The support of the best family ever, Chris, Ryan and Kelsey.

This Festival helped to make Riverwest become the community it is today.


Peter Wolbersen

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